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Tennis is a game played on a rectangular-shaped court, which can be one of many surfaces. It is either played with two players (singles match), or four players (doubles match). Players stand on opposite sides of the net and use a stringed racquet to hit the ball back and forth to each other.

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The Basic Rules of Tennis In a game of singles, 2 players play against each other. Each tennis player stands on opposite sides of the net and uses a tennis racket to hit the ball back and forth. The point starts with one of the players performing a serve, and the other player attempting to return ...

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The game of tennis played on a rectangular court with a net running across the centre. The aim is to hit the ball over the net landing the ball within the margins of the court and in a way that results in your opponent being unable to return the ball.

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A tennis match is made up of a number of sets. Usually the sets are best two out of three or three out of five to win the match. Each set is made up of games. Typically the first player to win 6 games wins the set, but must win by at least two sets.

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Over the years, players of this game started to wear leather gloves, before the technology to create racquets came about. The game evolved over the 15th and 16th centuries, primarily played by nobles in France and England, and the first tennis racquet showed up in Italy during the year 1583.

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Tennis matches work in three phases: A game, a set and a match. A game is played until a player scores four points, of which a player can earn in a number of different ways (more on that below).

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A Simple Introduction to Tennis Scoring for Beginners Starting a Game. If you win a coin toss or a spin of the racquet, you get to choose whether you serve or receive the... Scoring Points. Love is equal to zero, and 15 equals one point. The server -- in this case, you -- always announces his... ...

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A tennis serve initiates game play and the player serving serves the entire game. In order to win the game, a tennis competitor must win a number of points. Each game consists of a series of points and remember a competitor must accumulate at least four points to win the game. The servers score is always announced first the entire game with tennis terminology voiced in a manner unique to tennis.