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That's right, ladies and gentlemen, when in doubt, ice it. Use of ice immediately after your workouts and 2-3 more times throughout the day can help to decrease the inflammation. Also, use of your anti-inflammatory medication of choice may help with the pain and keep you lifting.

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How to Lift Weights with Elbow Pain Consider starting your program with range-of-motion exercises for the elbow joint to decrease stiffness If the elbow muscles feel tense and guarded then warm them up first with an elbow massage. When initiating exercises, start with low weight, a light resistance ...

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elbow pain treatment and prevention To prevent elbow pain, engage in proper form as you lift, avoid using excessive weight, and don’t repeat the same arm-stressing routines at every workout. Be sure to warm up and stretch beforehand, and use compression wraps for additional support.

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Make time to strengthen the smaller muscles in your upper body to help relieve your tennis elbow. Perform exercises like planks — hold your body in a push-up position for 30 seconds to 1 minute for three to four sets. Add variety to keep challenging your body.

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How does tennis elbow affect weight training? Athletes and weightlifters with tennis elbow experience pain during exercises that stress the extensor tendon and ECRB muscles. Common exercises include: Traditional Bench Press (flat, incline, decline) Close-Grip Bench Press; Shoulder Presses (dumbbell or barbell) Push Ups and Pull Ups

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No-grip weight lifting technique for plate weight. This can be used instead of dumbbells at the sides, or in lieu of a goblet squat. Once you’re pain free and advancing through your rehab, keep your risk of tennis elbow at lower risk by using a neutral grip. This still can be aggravating if you haven’t advanced far enough into your rehab yet.