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Concussions from Soccer Are Worse for Children |

Soccer is largely considered to be a no-contact sport and many parents are drawn to that fact when they encourage or allow their children to play.

Concussions in American football - Wikipedia

Part of the American football series on the History of American football Origins of American football.

Football After School Essay - 1515 Words - StudyMode

“​ Football After School​ ” What Parental feelings does McCarthy explore in the poem and how does she use language to present them to you?

For discussion of women's soccer equality, let's talk about concussion

Female soccer players suffer more, worse concussions than their male counterparts.

Concussion Center by MedicineNet.com

The symptoms of concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) include headache, nausea, irritability, poor concentration, and emotional changes.

Soccer Concussions: Myths, Facts, & Recovery | Cognitive FX

For women, soccer is the #1 concussion-causing sport.

for concussions

Jockeys have high rates of concussions, but US horse racing lags behind other sports and other countries in dealing with them.

Concussions? | Concussion Rate

Concussion is a serious concern for all athletes. In this blog post, we look at sports with the highest concussion rates.

Soccer (aka Football) - Sportsver

Soccer is the most popular sport in most of the world, and it's even becoming more popular in the United States.

concussions are too many for an active athlete? - STAT

STAT asked several concussion experts how best to determine whether an athlete who has had one or more concussions should keep playing.