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The odds of one person fulfilling just these eight prophecies would be the same as this atheistic professor selecting the silver dollar upon which we have placed a check, in his first try. There are some 300 – 350 prophecies which were written in the Old Testament to help us identify which person is the promised Messiah.

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And when this prophecy was written in the book of Psalms, 1000 years before Christ, crucifixion was not even invented yet as a means of capital punishment. Ask some of your friends to examine the odds of what we are noting. Ps 22:16 For dogs have surrounded me; A band of evildoers has encompassed me; They pierced my hands and my feet.

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“Prophecy” is a online prediction management system. It can be used to guess the result of WorldCup / Tournament matches in a kind of prediction. The players compete in guessing the correct result of some kind of match.

Messianic Prophecy

Messianic Prophecy - The Odds of Fulfillment We can understand the power of Messianic Prophecy when we consider statistical odds that one person fulfilled all of them. If we study just seven of the specific prophecies, that were later fulfilled in the Person of Jesus Christ, we are amazed by the impossibility!

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Probability, also known as "odds", is a branch of mathematics that measures the likelihood that a given event will occur. To begin, let's look at some interesting "odds": Being struck by lightning in a year = 7 x 10 5 or 1 in 700,000; Being killed by lightning in a year = 2 x 10 6 or 1 in 2,000,000; Becoming president = 1 x 10 7 or 1 in 10,000,000

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Read These Incredible Prophecies!! Trump Will Be Reinstated As President In April 2022 Says Archangel Uriel Via Channeler, Who Originally Predicted Trump's Presidency When Odds Were Stacked Against Him!!

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Bet on Republican nominee. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee favorite at PredictIt with a “Yes” price of 33 cents. That is the equivalent of +203 odds. Click on the odds below to make a wager on the candidate you believe will win.

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Winning bets in soccer is an amazing experience, particularly when you make big money. As a punter, you might be looking for football predictions from tipsters who have already demonstrated their competence. Well, most of the people who have a fascination with football engage in betting.


It is possible the April 2022 quake will occur six-to-eight months early because of this conjunction, possibly August-October 2001. According to base 7, Greece and Turkey will go to war in July 2023. Thus, the entire quatrain may cover events for 2021-2023, with the conjunction as the trigger.