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Cricket,英语单词,有. 蟋蟀 ,一按即发出唧唧声的金属小玩具 (或信号器),搁脚木矮凳等意思。. 中文名.


Unlike, say, cricket, this is a sport that takes on a fascination the longer you watch. FORBES: Days of Wine and Redwoods However, the Cricket Wireless operator would only provide a short-term solution to Ma Bell's very long-term woes.


cricket (n.2) the game, 1590s, apparently from Old French criquet "goal post, stick," perhaps from Middle Dutch/Middle Flemish cricke "stick, staff," perhaps from the same root as crutch . Sense of "fair play" is first recorded 1851, on notion of "cricket as it should be played."


cricket noun (GAME) A2 [ U ] a sport in which two teams of eleven players try to score runs (= points) by hitting a small, hard ball with a bat, and running between two sets of small wooden posts: a cricket ball / bat. Fuse/Corbis/GettyImages. 更多范例. Binns played cricket for his county in his youth.

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cricket的意思 - 蟋蟀 [运动]板球 “cricket”的中文意思 板球. chew; cricket 、badminton ;cupboard 这几个英语怎么读阿? chew tʃuːcricket ˈkrɪkɪtbadminton ˈbædmɪntəcupboard ˈkʌbərd. cricket什么意思中文翻译 - 板球,板球运动;蟋蟀. 蟋蟀的英语怎么读 - cricket发音是:可瑞kei(拼音)特


cricket 英[krɪkɪt] 美[krɪkɪt] n. 板球; 蟋蟀; 矮木凳; vi. 打板球; adj. 公平的; ----谐音; 可瑞 可以特

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A bowler delivers six balls at one wicket (thus completing an “over”), then a different player from his side bowls six balls to the opposite wicket. The batting side defends its wicket. cricket field. Location of wickets and principal playing positions on a cricket field. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.


这通常被认为是板球在英文中的首次提及。. “板球”(cricket)一词似乎有许多来源,可能由早期的板球球棍一词衍生而来:古法语“criquet”(意为某种短棍),或佛兰芒语“krick(e)”(意为棍、棒),或者古英语“cricc”、“cryce”(意为仗、杆)。. 另外,法语“criquet”似乎由意为教堂内供人跪着祈祷的长矮凳的佛兰芒语“krickstoel”而来,由此象征早期板球使用的仅 ...


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