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The height of the basketball rim varies depending on the age and type of competition, but it’s ...

Basketball Hoop Height: How Tall Is a Basketball Hoop?

But what if we talk about the standard height of a basketball hoop? Do you know how big a basketball hoop can be? The standard height of an actual basketball hoop is 10 feet. Every basketball league and the professional game tends to follow this height as it has become the symbol or the standard value for basketball hoops.

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The professional basketball hoop height is 10 feet high. For a very long time, the height of the hoop has been fixed at 10 feet since the inception of the game of basketball. A Canadian named James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891, invented basketball for the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) training school class assignment.

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The NBA 3-point line is 23.75 feet from the hoop, 22 feet in the corners. The FIBA 3-point line is 22.15 feet from the hoop, 21.65 feet in the corners. The WNBA uses the same 3-point line as FIBA.

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In all professional leagues, it is somehow a rule to set the rim on 10 feet higher. But there’re also some sectors where the 10 feet rim height will be difficult for the player to play. The rim height should be lower at those levels, Junior level: 10foot rim height is too high for young men or women.

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Basketball Hoop Height for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-old Kids. American Sport Education Program (ASEP) officially recommends that you start with a 6 to 7 feet tall basketball hoop. Our suggestion would be to stick with 6 feet. When they are this young, the rim height needs to allow them to gain control over the basketball and themselves.

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Players from 8 to 10 years old should use hoops with a height of 8 feet. The right size of basketball hoops for 5th graders is 9 feet. Those who are above the 5th grade should use hoops that are 10 feet. This is also the official rule for professional basketball leagues, including the NBA.

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